Manchester United’s Goal Keeper Has Done Something Crazy

david de gea

Manchester United has been one of the very well-known football team that has many achievements to bring its name to worldwide. Almost all people around the world must know this team through its outstanding performance on the green field. However, the popularity makes the positive and negative issues seem come together at the same time which make this famous team becomes the center of attention for many people including mass media. There have been many news come from the MU team which is very hot to talk about. Especially for the supporters or fans of this team, any news about their favorite team should be updated all the time. Each football team must also have haters or people who don’t take on certain team side. Manchester United also feels the same thing. That’s why, people should response any news wisely. Just like the issue that now appears from the source of agen bola online Manchester United.

There is special news that currently makes this team becomes the discussion topic of many football societies. Yes, the issue about the transferring policy of one of the Manchester United’s member, the goal keeper, David de Gea. He has been well known by many people as one of the best part of MU, but currently, there is news says that he will be out from the team. Based on some news, he will be transferred to Real Madrid, another football team that also has the same position as the famous football team. Seeing that this issue is very essential which will bring impact towards MU’s future, there are many media that are talking about it and give their opinion about the case. There is a source saying that the MU’s coach, Louis Van Gall agrees for David’s transfer which automatically means he probably will sooner leave this team.

The issue comes after David’s hard work to gain the success and win with 3-2 score over Southampton which was held at St. Mary. Although this case has not been very clear enough, the coach say that as the transferring policy is being processed, they still want to focus on the current situation of the team. There are still many things should be made better on the team related to the playing strategy. All of the players should also be well trained to be able to give their maximum effort to win the game

Whether David de Gea will finally and officially leave this team, everyone has known that he has bring the very best performance that let Manchester United feels the best times celebrating the victory. His performance has also contributed much towards MU’s career. There are many people who don’t agree if David leaves the team, but some prefer so. Many people think that Louis Van Gaal has been a coach that applies a very tight discipline method towards his players, so they prefer to support David to out of the team. However, David is one of the MU treasures that have given his maximum effort to save his team from the opposition’s attack.

FA Charged Diego Costa and Gabriel

costa gabriel

News about the football team that has been very famous on this kind of game will never end. Society will be fed with many kinds of issues for both negative and positive from each team that have been very successful to reach their goal to be on the hall of fame. Just like these two teams, Chelsea and Arsenal which involve in a case that is currently being the one of the hottest news and discussion topic of citizen. Everyone knows that battle on the green field which involves two sides that will fight each other to get the victory sometimes create a new problem that can bring a negative impact towards the teams’ reputation.

The negative issue comes from both of the team which is Diego Costa as well as Gabriel. Diego is the part of Chelsea which has position as the striker while Gabriel is the Arsenal’s back field player. Both of them got a punishment for their behavior while playing on the battle. Football Association (FA) has charged both of them for their bad playing behavior. The clash that appeared from both of them make FA should take an important decision to give them lesson to be able to play fairly by following each rules and regulation that should or should not be done by each player.

Everyone must be very curious about what are the violations that they have done which make them end up being punished or charged by the FA. World attentions have been played upon both of the player for their indiscipline playing performance. Diego Costa was charged for his violent conduct. He was accused for his violence while playing on the game. He catch the Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny without being known by the referee of the game, but his bad behavior was caught by the camera which makes all eyes who watch it able to see clearly. Now, he is facing the 3 match ban while Chelsea will have a lodge appeal until 6 pm.

The fair punishment is also give for one of the Arsenal’s members, Gabriel. He was charged by Football Association (FA) for his improper conduct. This case absolutely brings a bad impact towards Arsenal reputation in front of their fans. Arsenal realize that the bad behavior of its member should be faced well and sooner, so they give confirmation that Arsenal will appeal for the red card that has been shown to its member, Gabriel during his performance on the game.

Although these fault that is made by Diego and Gabriel was clearly their own fault, the name that becomes their home also get the negative impact. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are charged for they cannot control their own players very well. They are counted as fail to control them while the Premier League match that was hold on Saturday at Stamford Bridge. The fault has been very clear confirmed by the FA that their bad actions are clearly caught on the video that shows the whole process of the game.

Neymar Says Liverpool Philippe Coutinho Suits Barcelona


Many issue related to sports especially football has been one of the hottest issues which is considered as very important discussion topic. Almost all people love football although they are only as the supporters or fans to support their team. All things which is related to their favorite team whether it is related to the members or internal or external parties always produces any topic and issue that is very important to be discussed. What kind of club that you have fond with? Yes, two famous clubs, Liverpool and Barcelona have been inserted to the one of hot news related to their players. There will be many things and news that will come from both of the clubs.

You might ever hear the news about player transfer from many well-known clubs. Related to Barcelona needs on a skillful player, some people recommend Philippe Coutinho which is now still becomes part of Liverpool to be their new member to increase the performance of this team. Do you think that he will be the best choice to complete Barcelona’s performance on the battle in the future? Some people think yes, he will be the suitable person to fill the important position on Barcelona.

The same opinion also comes from Neymar who says that Philippe Coutinho will be the most suitable one for Barcelona. You might have known very well how his performance and playing style. His style will be very proper for Barcelona which will give a result to the better achievement of Barcelona. Neymar said that although there are many great players with the outstanding performance and awesome playing style that will suit Barcelona and Philippe Coutinho is one of them. Both of the football players, Neymar and Philippe Coutinho have been a good friend. They ever played together in Brazil at some various levels.

Some sources say that Barelona had conducted signings for two players in this summer. They are Alex Vidal as well as Arda Turan. The problem is both of them cannot play because of the transfer ban until January. Barcelona has got many achievements and victories until this time, so in choosing the new player to be the part of member, Barcelona should be careful and wise. The playing transfer must be done very well because it is very essential for the club’s development and future. Once a team chooses the wrong player, it will bring a bad impact to the whole team performance.

Related to this issue about the playing transfer, many players give response and opinion to help Barcelona to get the best player. This policy cannot be done in a short time because it involves other party and budget of the club. So, what is your opinion about Philippe Coutinho as the recommended player for Barcelona? Whoever the player that will be chosen for Barcelona, hopefully it will bring the better impact towards the club. As one of the most well-known clubs, Barcelona will have the best future with the solid members in the team.