Manchester United’s Goal Keeper Has Done Something Crazy

david de gea

Manchester United has been one of the very well-known football team that has many achievements to bring its name to worldwide. Almost all people around the world must know this team through its outstanding performance on the green field. However, the popularity makes the positive and negative issues seem come together at the same time which make this famous team becomes the center of attention for many people including mass media. There have been many news come from the MU team which is very hot to talk about. Especially for the supporters or fans of this team, any news about their favorite team should be updated all the time. Each football team must also have haters or people who don’t take on certain team side. Manchester United also feels the same thing. That’s why, people should response any news wisely. Just like the issue that now appears from the source of agen bola online Manchester United.

There is special news that currently makes this team becomes the discussion topic of many football societies. Yes, the issue about the transferring policy of one of the Manchester United’s member, the goal keeper, David de Gea. He has been well known by many people as one of the best part of MU, but currently, there is news says that he will be out from the team. Based on some news, he will be transferred to Real Madrid, another football team that also has the same position as the famous football team. Seeing that this issue is very essential which will bring impact towards MU’s future, there are many media that are talking about it and give their opinion about the case. There is a source saying that the MU’s coach, Louis Van Gall agrees for David’s transfer which automatically means he probably will sooner leave this team.

The issue comes after David’s hard work to gain the success and win with 3-2 score over Southampton which was held at St. Mary. Although this case has not been very clear enough, the coach say that as the transferring policy is being processed, they still want to focus on the current situation of the team. There are still many things should be made better on the team related to the playing strategy. All of the players should also be well trained to be able to give their maximum effort to win the game

Whether David de Gea will finally and officially leave this team, everyone has known that he has bring the very best performance that let Manchester United feels the best times celebrating the victory. His performance has also contributed much towards MU’s career. There are many people who don’t agree if David leaves the team, but some prefer so. Many people think that Louis Van Gaal has been a coach that applies a very tight discipline method towards his players, so they prefer to support David to out of the team. However, David is one of the MU treasures that have given his maximum effort to save his team from the opposition’s attack.

Rangers win AL West on final day; Angels’ loss puts Astros in playoffs

jeff banister

Jeff Banister the first year manager have to take a position on Texas Rangers clubhouse corner while watching celebration that made by players. It seems to be a great celebration since there is alcohol everywhere and lots of champagne spills easily seen. Rangers previously make a history of the most loses in the league by the number of 95. And this season they manage to put their position at 8 ranks away from first position. This achievement gives the team a ticket to enter postseason. AL West title is the latest Ranger achievement that made by beating Angels with 9-2 in regular season. Banister says that this is an incredible moment that gives emotional impact to everyone in this team. Banister will never forget this moment and it is awesome to see how the player never give up or quit.

Cole Hamels manage to make a pitch for three-hitter. The game is the first game completion he ever made for Texas since the tame acquire a left-handed ace from Philadelphia. This ace pitcher is acquire in the last week of July. Meanwhile, Adrian Beltre manages to make a hit for homer run and brought winning to Sunday. This wins remove Los Angeles from the contention of playoff. AL West banner are hanged above the ballparks center field. This is the view of final moment of AL West final. The massive video board has six poles and one of them is used to hoist championship flag. People can easily found this view to the right of the field.

Elvis Andrus thinks that this moment means a lot. He has never thought that he could be in a team that has good heart. Andrus is a player with longest tenure for his position. He is the only member of 2010 and 2011 World Series teams. This team member makes this achievement is better than few years ago. It can be concluded that his is a crazy year because the team have lots of energy and passion. Texas have suffered a damage of losing Yu Darvish to a surgery by Tommy John. This incident happened right before the season begins. They have to play games in AL Division Series for the first time at Toronto on Thursday.

Ranger’s last achievement is the wild card games that they have to get in hard way. The team can win this game with 5-3 and the match happen before the Angels match. Playing against Angels is a big deal because the team is a former division winner on 2014. They manage to win two games after with rallies in the ninth inning.

At the ninth inning in Saturday Texas had to give up five runs and lose the game to Angels in 11-10. Houston took second place by winning three games in a row. Elias said that Texas is the first team that loses clinching game for league or division in MLB history. The losing is happened on the last week and initially they manage to lead by four runs at the last inning.

Andy Murray News: Skip ATP worlds tour final

andy murray

Glasglow: Andy Murray may skip the world final tour in this year. This is caused by he prepare to against Belgium in November. This is a Davis cup final. Murray said that it would be great if he prepared anything before against Belgium in November. In other word, he assumed that world Final would not that good to be prepared by him. He is ready to lose the potential money that can be gotten by him. He assumed that he must be good in Belgium for Davis cup final. Murray is also thinking about the prestige game. He is thinking out about prestigious event at London O2 Arena. This is caused by he will play at the clay. He does not play at the clay so that he feels amaze. Thus, he needs more preparation to play at the clay. There are some difficulties when you have to play at the clay.

The difficulties come from the clay. What does it means? It means that when you have to play at the clay, this may not be the same when you play at the Tennis yard. There are some preparations that should be done by Murray. For the first is choosing the best shoes. The shoes which are used for clay will be different from shoes which are used at the normal arena. Thus, the shoes should be thought for the first time because this is the most important thing. For the second is how to play at the clay. There are some differences ways when play at the clay and play at the arena. Murray needs to tell the coach about this. They should discuss how to win the game while the game is played at the clay.

Murray stated that this will not be an easy game. This is caused by the clay of course. Moreover he takes Roger Federer as the example. Because this wills not that easy, Murray decided that he needs more exercises before the game. He stated that this game will focus on the physic. He needs more exercise so that when the game plays he will get the best result. Besides that, he wants to have break time. This means that when he reaches the final, he needs a break. He does not want to have rally game in a week. This is intended to repair his physical condition. He does not want to have the game full in a week.

There is a consequence when he skips the game. This means that there is a price to pay the statement. He will lose 1500 ATP point if he skips the world tour. However, he knows the consequence. He still wants to skip the world tour. For Britain, Murray is one of the best players. He played as a single player like double player. What does it means? It means that he is good both for single and double player. Besides that, he won both of that game. He made Britain unassailable in the rank. Britain leads 3-1.

Ajay Jayaram in Korea Open final

ajay jayaram

Seoul: Ajay Jayaram is stopped by world Number One in China, Chen Long. This was happened on Sunday. Ajay Jayaram is one of Badminton’s players from India. Indian is unseeded Ajay for becoming the winner. However, he lost by 14-21, 12-21. However he still got Silver medal in BWF Korean open championship. This held in SK Handball stadium. Jayaram is lost by Chen Long only in 40 minutes men’s single final. He tried the best but the result is not. Jayaram who is coached by Tom John could not produce the best result because he succumbed with the errors. He could not come back as fast as possible.

Actually, Jayaram had done a great job. He started with a smash. This made people gave trust on him. However, he stumbled on errors. He did so many errors so that this hampers the way to win. He lost his point. Chen long has succeeded to overrun his point. Maybe there are some fatal errors so that he lost the point. For the first is from confidence maybe. After Chen Long has succeeded to overrun his point, his mental goes down. This can be concluded because he came back lately. This means that in the end of game, he wanted to come back but it is too late. For the second is from the difference of the rank. This means that there is significance difference of rank from both players. This made the mental of the player goes down. They won’t be confidence anymore.

Although this is a kind of long game, however this is one of the best games. This is caused by some things. For the first is from the starting point. What does it means? It means that they open the game interestingly. This is caused by the point gotten by each player. They had the same point two times. Firstly is 4-4 point. Secondly is 9-9 point. However, Long did a great job. He ended the game with two points add. This means that before they had break, Long had long jumped smash with final point 11. This became the severe blow for Jayaram. After a break, Jayaran and Long had a great game. They show their skills like smashed, cross smash and many others. However, Long jumped and smashed in each opportunity he got.

The next game showed us about the hardest he tried. This means that in the second game, Jayaram tried for hardest to become a winner. However, Long do the same. It is a good game for all people. There are some things that can be learned from this game. For the first is confidence. How tough your opposite is, you should be confidence. Please make sure that you can win from him. This will give you spirit to do the best whereas the result is not hoped by you. For the second is the spirit to come back. After knowing that he lost the point, Jayaram still did the best. He tried for the best until the game finished.

Why Luke Shaw Injury is Very Annoying for Fans of Manchester United?

luke shaw

Luke Shaw or Luke Paul Hoare Shaw is one of the young players in Manchester United. In his age now, 20 years old, he makes the public of Old Trafford adore him with his great performance. That is why when he has injured, it is very annoying for the Red Devils’ fans.

Luke Shaw joined Manchester as the best left back in the Premier League, after being chosen in the PFA Team of the Year at the end of the season at Southampton. In his first season, he showed glimpses of brilliance, but injuries spoiled his campaign. He struggled to get a run in the team, and when he did play, he failed to maintain consistent form. When the season is finished, Shaw himself said he did not go entirely to plan, but recognized how lucky he is playing for England.

“This is one of the frustrating because my injury was taking but I loved it,” he said. “If I had to write a school report on my first season here I’ll give myself a C-. You do not realize how big Manchester United is until you’re actually here – it’s scary! This is the biggest club around. I may be wrong one of the most fortunate 19-year-olds who is still alive. ‘

Shaw clearly determined to have a second season better than he did the first, so when the rest of the squad left for their summer holidays, the left-back chose to go to Dubai with the England coach. It meant that he rejoined the squad for pre-season in brilliant condition and started the season fantastically well. Very rare for a player in his position to be regarded as an important part of the team, but in the opening few games, he contributed more than his fair share.

Looking ahead, Shaw has been very useful, and defensively he was so strong. Reverting to his old shirt number, Shaw was confident and commanding the left side of the field. Of course, it was devastating to see a football player break their legs, but after the commencement Shaw has been made, it is very disappointing to see Hector Moreno accident to the player and basically end the season.

Moreno wins the ball does not negate the fact that he broke the law relating to a red card offense, with him using ‘excessive force’ and ‘endangering the safety of an opponent. “He should be sent and Britain should be rewarded a penalty. Instead, the referee believes the incident which causes the foot rest is not even a foul, and Moreno lived in the field and scored the equalizing goal. He even called man of the match by UEFA.

Shaw remained in Eindhoven after removing surgery last Tuesday night. The report shows that a ‘clean break’ which should help him return sooner. United fans will hope they do not have to wait too long before they saw him in the field and give such a great performance in the front of the fans of Mamchester United, but maybe, it will be March before he plays again.

Statistics Shows that Anthony Martial Scored More Goals for Manchester United than Wayne Rooney since March 2014


Who do not know Wayne Rooney, the captain of the Red Devils team who always becomes the center of the news in each the match of Manchester United. Not only in the match of Manchester United, but the performance of Wayne Rooney in England national team also always becomes an interesting issue to be talked. However, as having been known that, in this season, Rooney faces such a bad situation, especially after one of the new players of Manchester United, Anthony Martial, scored more goals than him. Indeed, this situation will be bad for Wayne Rooney, also it will be bad for the manager of the club too, Louis van Gaal.

When Wayne Rooney struggling for form earlier this season, Louis van Gaal’s problem is that he is struggling just as much to find a suitable alternative to the England captain. Those are the ploblems which have been faced by two important people in Manxhester United. Wayne Rooney should prove that he is still be the best one to be the captain in the team. Then, if the performance of him is still bad, it can be possible for the LvG to change the captain of the team. All of those problem comes after Anthony Martial makes more goal than Rooney.

Anthony Martial is a football player who was born on 5th December 1995, 19 years ago in France. Even though his age is still young, the performance of him in the field makes him is transferred to Manchester United. In 1st September 2015, Anthony Martial was signed the contract with Manchester United, one of the biggest football clubs in England. Of course, the buy of this player will not make the club disappointed. It is caused by the good performance of Anthony Martial in his beginning match together with his new football club.

Having risked ridicule by £ 36million deadline day move for Monaco forward Anthony Martial, Van Gaal looks finally have a striker he craves. As the striker, Anthony Martial can be said that he is good. It can be proven by his performance with Manchester United with Southampton some times ago. The 19-year-old boy has made a blistering start to life at Old Trafford and has three goals in his first two appearances, two of which came in the 3-2 win at Southampton yesterday. With the goals, Anthony Martial actually has proven that he can be the best player in British Premier League.

This means that teenagers are the most expensive in the world now has more than Rooney’s away goal since March 2014 – after playing an amazing 1753 minutes less than the captain of the Red Devils’. Indeed, this will be not good for Rooney as the captain of the team. If it is compared, his perfoemance is worse than Anthony Martial who has three goals in his new debut in the Old Trafford. Thus, it is not an impossible thing if Wayne Rooney can be replaced by a new captain in Manchester United when he does not try to make himself better and better.

Fans Launching Petition to Stop Mike Dean as the Referee for Arsenal Match after the Match of Arsenal vs Chelsea

mike dean

Arsenal fans are known to get frustrated with the results of the match of Arsenal vs Chelsea. There is the reason why the supporters feel disappointed with the lunge referee on the match court. How not, the referee assigned to oversee the British Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea is considered as an unprofessional work as favoring one football club that was playing, and the club is certainly not Arsenal but Chelsea. So, in the game, the Arsenal faithful fans consider their favorite team has been impaired so that fans make pestisi to the referee.

Mike Dean, the referee in the match of Arsenal and Chelsea some time ago. The match ended with a score of 2-0 over Chelsea’s victory turned out to make the referee became so popular. Not only that, the match referee, Mike Dean, also has received a lot of criticism for his decision in the field while the game progresses. One of the controversial decisions is to take two red cards intended for the Gunners’ players so the team that is identic with red uniform whiteness is forced to play only with 9 players.

In fact, the red card issued is considered as a bad decision since it is more suitable when Dean’s decision sent Diego Costa, out of the match. However, precisely Arsenal players who had to accept the bitter pill since been expelled from the game, and it happened twice so there must be two players The Gunners should finish the game even though the game has not been completed.

Then, based on that, the Gunners had decided to take over this problem and solve it with their own hands so that the fans of the Gunners made a petition to stop Premier League referees in order to not be the referee in the match of Arsenal again. Petition calls for investigation of the ability of Dean as the referee in Arsenal match and an incident in which Dean seemed to celebrate a goal Tottenham after the club scored.

“Once the decision is approved, Arsenal refused if Mike Dean to referee the match, and it is time gained for investigation capabilities as Arsenal match referee. This petition was made to stop Mike Dean in order not to referee the match Arsenal again after the match against Chelsea.

‘Major incidents have occurred in recent games and the past that showed he was not competent at the referee at this level now.

‘Recent events in Chelsea VS Arsenal (19.09.15) highlights two Arsenal players spent while Diego Costa opposition player who makes four straight red card incident was only given a yellow card only.

‘Also, incident in which Mike Dean celebrated for the opposition, when they scored a goal, and this is when a match Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur (26/02/2012).’

The Arsenal supporters who make this petition should be looking for 25,000 supporters to force the referee FA investigate ketidakasilan pwrtandingan Arsenal. It is certainly not without reason. In addition to the match with Chelasea, Arsenal have only potenso victory by 7% only.

Liverpool Fans Dressed like Jurgen Klopp to Force Brendan Rodgers to Quit from Anfield


The latest news comes from one of the big clubs in the Premier League, Liverpool. The bad results of this football club match make Brendan Rodgers pleaded patience from Liverpool fans this weekend, but this request was ignored, otherwise supporters of the Reds plan to dress like Jurgen Klopp to visit Liverpool to Aston Villa on Saturday. Apparently, the patience of the fans of the Reds had not be stopped until they perform the action. Disappointment that never treated becomes the most reason which make the supporters want a seat occupied by a Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp is considered to be carrying the football club Liverpool even more shine and gained glory again.

As already known, from some games that have been undertaken, the Reds have suffered a poor start to the season, and with just eight points from their first six games in the Premier League, the pressure is increasing that threaten Rodgers position at the club. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers who has contracted since last May 31, 2012, and since his action with Anfield, Rodgers did not completely satisfy the loyal supporters of the Reds. Evidently, for three years as coach of the team that is identic with the red color, Brendan Rodgers has not proved its success in fostering the Liverpool team to be the best in Britain.

As was noted that this football club has been established since 1892 and has a Liver bird emblem as the pride of the club. For statistical degrees ever obtained, it Liverpool have felt five victories in the Champions League, the most prestigious league in Europe, 18 in the Premier League title, and 7 titles in the FA Cup. However, for presrasinya during the last 3 years is not so satisfactory. From the 2012/2013 season, Liverpool only satisfied at position 7. Although in the next season to get second, 2014/2015 season the Reds only in position 6 final standings in the Premier League.

For this season, it was Liverpool’s increasingly disappointing. Of the game that has been done, Liverpool did not give satisfactory results loyal supporters. In fact, the Anfield public increasingly impatient to see his favorite team triumphed so Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool manager and former manager of Swansea City is increasingly widely reported to be losing his job towards the end of last season, but he is still responsible to be the manager of Liverpool after a series of changes in the coaching staff at season heat.

Many assumptions say that Klopp, Dortmund former boss, was the one who mentioned will overtake the Reds Rodgers at Anfield supporters and a lot of planning to do the best for the club. One way is to force the club directors to immediately get rid of Brendan Rodgers from Anfield. Unfortunately, the results achieved is far from satisfactory. Especially after some of Liverpool’s best players leave the club so that the achievements of Liverpool getting worse. By wearing clothes identical to Klopp, public Anfield trying to force Rodgers to immediately leave Liverpool, and instead is Jurgen Klopp will be a football team manager in Liverpool’s city.

Injuries Made All These Players Get Their Last Season


There are many players of each part of game or sport that should keep their performance stable and better every time. However, there are many things that can obstruct someone to give their best performance even to contribute. It will be a very bad condition while there is something which can make the player cannot able to keep his/her performance very well. Let’s take a look to this information about some players that should end their activity in the battle because of injuries. Some of them try to collect their bravery and power to get back to their good condition.

There are many athletes or players especially they who come from the NBA field. You must know Carmelo Anthony who is one of the stars of NBA that got surgery for his left knee patella tendon debridement. His knee should be repair with the surgery scheduled on February 19th. The initial prognosis is four until six months. The other Miami star is Chris Bosh who gets blood clots. The injury that he gets was diagnosed on February 21st.

The Los Angeles star, Kobe Bryant must have a problem with his performance because he should recover from his injury and his mental process. It takes time to recover which avoid him to take a rest from the battle. He gets Tom right rotator cuff which finally will be taken to surgery on January 28th. It will be 9 months for the initial prognosis. The next star is Kevin Durant, the Oklahoma City thunder. He should say good bye for his career for a while to be recovered sooner from the bone graft, 5th metatarsal, and his right foot. He gets his surgery on March 31st.

The bad news comes from the Utah Jazz, Dante Exum. He gets injured for the Tom left ACL which is given the surgery date on September 3rd. There is no initial prognosis of his injury. Of course, it will take a long time for him to be back for the perfect condition as before. Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers should experience the initial prognosis for 3 until 4 months for the fractured left kneecap.

The fans of the Detroit Pistons, Brandon Jennings should be patient to see the star shows his awesome performance back because of the injury that he gets. It takes him 6 until 9 months for the initial prognosis cause by the Ruptured left Achilles tendon. The surgery date is scheduled on January 27th. The same condition is also felt by Kyle Korver, the star which is known as the Atlanta Hawks. He gets injured, the ligament damage, loose bodies, right ankle and his right elbow. He gets his surgery on the 27th May or 30th June. He should pass 3 months for his ankle as the initial prognosis. There are still many others players who get the same condition that avoid them to perform perfectly as it is before such as Kevin Love, the Cleveland Cavaliers with the dislocated left shoulder and Wesley Matthews, the Dallas Maveriks with Tom left Achilles tendon.

FA Charged Diego Costa and Gabriel

costa gabriel

News about the football team that has been very famous on this kind of game will never end. Society will be fed with many kinds of issues for both negative and positive from each team that have been very successful to reach their goal to be on the hall of fame. Just like these two teams, Chelsea and Arsenal which involve in a case that is currently being the one of the hottest news and discussion topic of citizen. Everyone knows that battle on the green field which involves two sides that will fight each other to get the victory sometimes create a new problem that can bring a negative impact towards the teams’ reputation.

The negative issue comes from both of the team which is Diego Costa as well as Gabriel. Diego is the part of Chelsea which has position as the striker while Gabriel is the Arsenal’s back field player. Both of them got a punishment for their behavior while playing on the battle. Football Association (FA) has charged both of them for their bad playing behavior. The clash that appeared from both of them make FA should take an important decision to give them lesson to be able to play fairly by following each rules and regulation that should or should not be done by each player.

Everyone must be very curious about what are the violations that they have done which make them end up being punished or charged by the FA. World attentions have been played upon both of the player for their indiscipline playing performance. Diego Costa was charged for his violent conduct. He was accused for his violence while playing on the game. He catch the Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny without being known by the referee of the game, but his bad behavior was caught by the camera which makes all eyes who watch it able to see clearly. Now, he is facing the 3 match ban while Chelsea will have a lodge appeal until 6 pm.

The fair punishment is also give for one of the Arsenal’s members, Gabriel. He was charged by Football Association (FA) for his improper conduct. This case absolutely brings a bad impact towards Arsenal reputation in front of their fans. Arsenal realize that the bad behavior of its member should be faced well and sooner, so they give confirmation that Arsenal will appeal for the red card that has been shown to its member, Gabriel during his performance on the game.

Although these fault that is made by Diego and Gabriel was clearly their own fault, the name that becomes their home also get the negative impact. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are charged for they cannot control their own players very well. They are counted as fail to control them while the Premier League match that was hold on Saturday at Stamford Bridge. The fault has been very clear confirmed by the FA that their bad actions are clearly caught on the video that shows the whole process of the game.